Associate pastor of youth and family ministries


Please watch the video, read the job description, and check out the website.  Also, please feel free to email us with any questions.  If you would like to apply for the position, please send your resume and a cover letter to this email!

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Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries


     A.  He must meet the Scriptural qualifications for a pastor as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

     B.  He must be in full agreement with the Evangelical Free Church of America Statement of Faith and the Ainsworth Evangelical Free Church Constitution.

     C.  He must be a man of established Christian character, sound in faith and doctrine.

     D.  He must be passionate about sharing the gospel.

     E.  He should have proven ability in the following ministry areas:

           1.  Evangelism.

           2.  Teaching and discipleship.

           3.  Connecting well with both believers and nonbelievers.

           4.  Connecting well with students and adults.

           5.  Administration and leadership.

           6.  Volunteer development.

     F.  Fluency in Spanish in addition to English would be ideal, but not required.

     G.  He must be a Bible College or Seminary graduate. Preference may be shown for higher levels of education.

     H.  He should be ordained through the Evangelical Free Church or enter the process to become so within a reasonable time of beginning his job as determined by the Board of Elders.


     A.  In support of the mission of the church and the Senior Pastor, our Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries will develop and lead a ministry directed towards middle school and high school students in the church and community, and their families.  For nonbelievers, this ministry will focus on evangelism and missional connection. For believers, this ministry will focus on spiritual development and Christ-centered community and ministry.

     B.  He will give a priority to prayer and ministry of the word (Acts 6:4).

     C.  Other duties will include;

           1.  Volunteer development.

           2.  Integration and coordination of Youth and Family ministries within the church. 

           3.  Appropriate follow-up with students and their families as the students move into adulthood.

           4.  Occasional preaching.

           5.  Other pastoral functions consistent with his gifts as requested by the other pastors and agreed upon by himself.

     D.  He will meet regularly with the Senior Pastor to report, seek and give counsel and encouragement, receive guidance, and develop and maintain strong fellowship.  He will also maintain healthy relationship with other pastors and staff.  Additionally, he should expect to be treated with love, respect, and kindness by all other pastors and staff.

     E.  He will prepare and present a written report regarding the status of Youth and Family Ministries at the annual business meeting.

     F.  He will attend and participate in the Elder Board meetings and give a monthly report, but will not have a vote.


The Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries will be directly accountable to the Senior Pastor and the Board of Elders, ultimately under the authority of the church.


     A.  He will be expected to take at least one day off per week.  If possible, two days off during the week is encouraged.

     B.  There will arise occasions where attendance at evening meetings will be expected.

     C.  Salary, vacation, ministry leave, and other benefits will be established by the congregation upon recommendation by the elder board.  This will be reviewed each year at the annual business meeting.

     D.  All full-time pastors receive 6 weeks of sabbatical time after every four years of service.