Saturday Services


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Its time for a Saturday night service!  

Sundays are great, but they just don't work for everybody. Sometimes because of work schedules, busyness, or other reasons, people just can't make Sundays work for them. 

Problem, meet solution! The Evangelical Free Church now meets on Saturday evenings AND Sunday mornings!


1. Who can come?  

Everybody. No matter who you are, what you're into, and who you're with, Everybody is welcome to join us on Saturdays from 7-8pm or Sundays at 10am. We strongly believe that Jesus came for everybody, so we don’t want to exclude anybody from our church community.  

When it comes to God in general and church in particular, lots of people have baggage. Hard questions, bad experiences, and feelings of being judged or looked down on keep a lot of people away from God and away from church. And that really stinks. Our hope is that we can be a church where everyone is welcome to be who they are and see God for who He is and then just see what happens from there. You are invited, and so are your friends.

2. What should I wear?

clothes would be great. other than that, no dress code. 

3. Why Saturdays?

Two reasons. First, because Sundays don’t work for everybody. Because of work schedules, cows that need to be fed, etc., Sunday mornings just don’t work for everyone. Also, sometimes Sundays don’t work for people because they’ve had bad experiences with church and they think that all churches are the same. If thats you, check out Saturday. A different day for a different kind of church.

Second, our church is growing and SOMETIMES people feel a little crowded on Sundays. A second service is a way for us to continue to grow and serve people without our building starting to feel like a Japanese Subway Station.

4. Can I Bring my kids?

Absolutely. We have awesome children’s ministries during both services. We’ll come get you if your kids need anything, and for nursery-age kids we’ll even give you a pager so we can just buzz you if your baby/toddler needs anything.

on SATURDAY’S, you’ll want to take your kids and drop them off in the children’s ministry before the service starts, or as soon as you get there if you’re a bit late. We’ll try to make it very easy to see where you are supposed to take them.

On SUNDAY’S, just bring your kids into the service with you, and there will be a time shortly after the service starts when they will be dismissed to go back to our children’s ministry.

AND, if you prefer to keep your kids with you the whole time on either Saturdays or Sundays, thats totally fine.

5. How are Saturday’s and Sundays going to be different?

In most ways, the two services will be pretty similar. But there will be some significant differences. All our services are pretty laid back, but this will be even more true on Saturdays. One of our goals for this service is to streamline the service so that it is real, relevant, and not filled with churchy distractions that are sometimes weird or awkward for people who aren’t super comfortable with church to begin with.

Sunday services are a little longer, and will be followed by a time to either hang out and talk or participate in a group. On Sundays, children’s ministries will keep going until noon, and there is a middle school group, a high school group, and an adult group that meet after the service. additionally, a lot of people just hang out and talk.

Saturday services are a little shorter (an hour or less), and there is time to hang out for a bit afterwards, but no organized groups at this point. However, children’s ministries will continue for a little while after the service for parents who want to hang out for a bit before they pick up their kids.

6. Which service is right for me?

come and see :)

and please message us if you have any questions.