Music is one of the most hotly contested things in church today. On the one hand it is sad because there is such big issues in the Church and around the world that seem far bigger than a style of musical worship. On the other hand we know that music worship draws us closer to each other and to God.

If you were to put us into a category it would be contemporary. We regularly have acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, and semi-regularly drums.

We are truly blessed to have an amazing worship band and worship leader in Joel Barrow. As part of the staff, Joel has made it his job to use his God given gift and talents to glorify God by leading music worship. He does an amazing job every week of helping us to draw closer to God.

With Joel it does not stop there. He is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, husband, and father. He is also the lead singer in a band called, “Finding”. If you do not know much about the band then you have to check them out at

If you would like to learn more about the church or the music then feel free to contact us or Joel.


Sing to the lord!

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