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Hi.  I’m Mick. Here is some stuff about me.

The single most important thing about me (and you) is that God cares about me.  I get to live my life with and for Him, and that changes everything.

I have an amazing wife and three kids.  I think there was a time in my life when the idea of being a family man in the middle of nowhere might not have appealed to me very much, but man was I wrong.  Being a husband and a daddy are two of the greatest privileges of my life.

I get to be the Senior Pastor of the Ainsworth Evangelical Free Church.  I get to study the Bible and lead this church under the guidance of the Elder Board and the congregation. I write and share a lot of sermons (and other things), and counsel a lot of people in the midst of lots of different hard things in life, and work to clarify and follow our vision as a church.  Being a pastor is hard sometimes, but I love it.

My wife and I moved here in May of 2007 after I completed my Masters of Divinity at Denver Seminary.  

If you want to talk seriously about what you believe, or just need to talk about some junk in your life, I’m your guy.

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