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SO... Here is more of the story. Every 6 months there is a group of us that go to Guatemala City to visit a church (Grace & Truth Church) that we have partnered with to build relationship to strengthen both churches to the glory of God’s Kingdom. (Everybody is welcome to go on this trip. Click Here to get more information about going on one of these trips.)

    The common bond between the two churches is that we both love Jesus and we have a heart for children and orphans. A ministry called World Orphans has a church-to-church partnership program and this is how we were partnered with Grace & Truth Church.

    Now, the next level. World Orphans organizes these trips and they have a partner ministry in Guatemala City called AMG (Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel). AMG is an amazing ministry that does a great job of reaching Guatemala City’s children by providing education, counseling, bible teaching, before & after school programs, medical support, and much much more. They have recently started a small program to empower the adults in their community.

    At AMG’s offices in Guatemala City they have a small gift store for all the missionaries and visitors that come through. AMG sells a variety of items that were made through their empowerment program, right there at their facilities. This empowerment program also makes school uniforms and much more for the AMG schools and other programs.

    Clear as mud? Well, here is where the coffee comes in. AMG works with local coffee growers to buy quantities of coffee to resell and give the profits back to the empowerment program. They sell this through their gift shop. The gift shop is called, Guate’s Best.

    The people that are in the empowerment program hand make colorful souvenir bags that go around the coffee bags and they are sold in Guate’s Best.

    We liked the whole idea of this empowerment program, and we like coffee, and we knew others in our community would probably like fresh Guatemalan coffee, and the opportunity to support this program.

    So, we buy coffee when we visit, we bring the coffee home, then we sell it for exactly what we paid for it. $0.00 profit for us. $0.00 profit for AMG. All the profits go back into the empowerment program. If I may use an overused term, its a win, win. Or maybe with all the cogs in this moving clock, it is a win, win, win, win, win, win... All for the glory of God and HIS Kingdom!

    When we have coffee, it is available in the church Fellowship Area next to the library for $10.00 per bag. This is the only place this is available. Unless you want to go to Guatemala with us! It is first come first serve. When we are out, we will not get more until our next group trip to Guatemala.

If you would like more information about any of this, feel free to contact the church and you will be directed from there.


Here is the area that the people that are part of the economic empowerment program work. Pastor Mick and Pastor Scotty are pictured with Magdalena. Magdalena is the lady that made all the bags for the coffee that we are currently have in our Fellowship area!


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