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Thank you for expressing interest in Ainsworth E-Free's upcoming partnership trips to Guatemala. 

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The next trip to Guatemala will be in January 2020. When details of this specific trip, and dates are firmed up there will be a link at the bottom of this page to apply for the trip. Hope you can make it!

We do schedule trips once a year. Typically the trips are about 6 or 7 days long from the date we leave to when we get back.

Estimated cost is $2000.00 & that covers everything but any souvenirs you may want. A travel Passport is required.

The mission of the trip is to build relationship with each person that is traveling, build relationship with our partner church (Grace & Truth Church) in Zone 18 in Guatemala City, and better understand the Guatemalan culture.

There are some consistent things on every trip. For example, attending Sunday service and Wednesday night prayer gathering with Grace & Truth Church. We will also have a couple meals with Grace & Truth. We will visit a partner school ministry called AMG. (Advancing the Ministry of the Gospel). We will spend time with World Orphans and AMG representatives as they and the translators share with us the culture and help us to see how God is at work and why there is so much need for the good news of Jesus in Guatemala and Zone 18. And on the last day we will enjoy a traveling team day where we will have a touristy type of activity, and do some souvenir shopping. (The souvenirs is the only addition money you may want to bring that would be outside the 2k trip costs. Souvenirs is of course optional.)

Typically we will also serve in some capacity. This totally depends on the team that God puts together. Through the application process with World Orphans and the Ainsworth E-Free Mission Team, we will identify what your gifts and skills are. The serving portion of the trip is built around these gifts and skills.

The next step in the process is to complete a World Orphans online application. If you are interested, please start your application process as soon as we post the link to do so. Check back and the link will be here. Or contact Shelia Peterson and she will notify you as soon as applications come available.

Instructions to complete your application: (coming soon)

Once your application is approved by Ainsworth E-Free Mission Team and the World Orphans Mobilization Department, you will receive an email saying you have been added to the trip and further necessary instructions will be provided in that email (i.e. background check, policy review, etc.)

Also you can contact Ainsworth E-Free’s Trip Coordinator Sheila Peterson at

Thank you for your interest in serving with our church and World Orphans!

This trip is in conjunction with several partnerships.

  1. 1.World Orphans Church to Church. Click here for more info on Church to Church.

  2. 2.AMG Guatemala (Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel) Click here to go to AMG’s Website.

  3. 3.Iglesia Ministerios Gracia Y Verdad (Grace & Truth Ministries Church). Our amazing partner church in Zone 18 of Guatemala City.

From Iglesia Ministerios Gracia Y Verdad (Grace & Truth Ministries Church). Here is a photo of Pastor David and his wife Silvia and their three adult daughters. From left to right are Karen, Andrea (Cecia), and Susan. You have to meet this amazing church. Go to Guatemala and meet the whole church. They are as excited to meet you as we are to meet them.

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